Travel With Renogy Charge Controllers

If you’ve been following Renogy, you’ve probably seen all of the new products introduced in 2016. From new solar suitcases to generators, Renogy has been hard at work designing products to better suit customer needs. When Renogy first launched years ago, it only carried basic 10A and 30A PWM solar charge controllers. While these controllers were inexpensive, they weren’t entirely user friendly and customers often had to call in with questions. It wasn’t long before we figured out that customers would be willing to pay a little more for a better designed charge controller, so we set out to develop a state-of-the-art line of controllers that are both easier to install and use. We decided to call this new line the “Traveler Series,” keeping in line with the company’s outdoors and adventure theme.


The earlier introduced “new and improved” charge controllers included the Adventurer 30A PWM Charge Controller and the Wanderer 30A Charge Controller. Unlike the basic controllers that Renogy previously carried, the Adventurer and Wanderer are compatible with sealed, gel, and flooded batteries. The Adventurer Charge Controller features an LCD display screen that shows the current power generation, temperature, voltage, and charging current. Perhaps most importantly, the Adventurer is designed for clean flush mounting in RVs, trailers, and boats. The LCD and mounting features were not found on many of the first generation charge controllers. Renogy has received a great deal of positive feedback from customers, especially those using the charge controllers in recreational vehicles. The Adventurer 30A Charge Controller is included in all RV Solar Kits and the Wanderer 30A Charge Controller is included in all standard Starter Kits greater than 50W, all standard Premium Solar Kits, and all standard Complete Kits.


In mid 2016, Renogy introduced the Commander MPPT Charge Controller. The “MPPT” stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking technology, meaning that this controller will more efficiently charge the battery bank. This controller is also compatible with sealed, gel, and flooded batteries, making it more versatile than the original MPPT controllers offered by Renogy. In addition to MPPT technology, this controller also features Multiphase Synchronous Rectification for improved system performance. Although it is a pricier option, its tracking efficiency is as high as 99%, while the conversion efficiency is up to 98%. The Commander Charge Controller is offered as an upgrade in the Starter, Premium, and Complete Solar Kits. The Commander is offered in three options: 20A, 40A, and 60A.


For more information on the Wanderer 30A Charge Controller, visit


For more information on the Adventurer 30A Charge Controller, visit

For more information on the Commander Charge Controller, visit



Serious Black Friday Sales at Renogy Solar

Preparing for Thanksgiving is exhausting. Whether you’re the hostess or a beloved guest, rounding up the kids, cleaning, and cooking can really leave you exhausted. That’s why many online retailers, including Renogy Solar, have great Black Friday sales. Shopping online for holiday gifts has never been easier, and here at Renogy, we’re running a great sale to motivate you to shop from the comfort of your own home! This year, ditch waiting in lines, cutting coupons, and heading out in the cold for online shopping! The Renogy Black Friday sale begin on November 25th and end on November 27th. Below is a snapshot of the great Black Friday sales that Renogy has to offer:


  • 15% off 100W Eclipse Solar Suitcases (first 100 customers, while supplies last, pre-order only)


If you love long lasting power combined with total portability, you’ll love the new 100W Eclipse Solar Suitcase. The Solar Suitcase combines the Eclipse Solar Panels you’ve come to love with the convenience of a portable suitcase and built-in stands. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Renogy Eclipse Solar Panels, they feature higher efficiency solar cells (18.35%) and bypass diodes that minimize power drop due to shade. Keep in mind that this great new product is pre-order only, and the sale is limited to only the first 100 Suitcases sold.


  • 15% off 100W 12V Eclipse Solar Panels


Take your RV, cabin, boat, or shed to the next level with 100W Eclipse Solar Panels. These 100W, 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panels feature higher efficiency than other standard Renogy panels (18.35% v. 15.47%) and come in a smaller package (6 inches shorter). Unlike standard Renogy Solar Panels, the Eclipse Panels don’t have grid lines and perform better in low light and partially shaded environments.


  • 10% off all Renogy Starter Kits


Although the name of these kits implies that they are only for “beginners” or “starters,” any solar enthusiast would find them useful. Each Renogy Starter Kit features a solar panel charge controller appropriate for the system size, solar panel(s), MC4 Adaptor Kit, mounting Z Brackets, and a Tray Cable. Customize each Starter Kit by selecting the amount and type (mono or poly) of solar panels and charge controller (MPPT or PWM). Use the Starter Kits on a cabin, boat, RV, shed, or camper.


  • 15% 60W 12V Solar Suitcases


Take your favorite solar panels with you on the go! Whether you love to spend your weekends camping or would like a backup power source in an emergency, the Renogy 60W 12V Solar Suitcase has you covered. This foldable suitcase comes with two 30W Monocrystalline Solar Panels, one 10A Viewstar charge controller with LCD display, one 10ft tray cable and a soft protective casing for safe and convenient transfer.


  • The bottom line: Take advantage of these great Black Friday deals while they last. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, anyone could use a solar panel in the event of a power outage! For more information on the products mentioned above, visit: or call to speak to a sales representative at 800-330-8678.

Not your average flashlight!

We have officially added another incredible product to our line of E.SSENTIALS! The E.LUMEN is a flashlight and multi-tool combined into one. You’ll never be left in the dark with 3 watts of solar in a portable and sleek casing. It holds up to 7 hours of power and is perfect for emergencies or everyday adventures. It can conveniently charge by both the sun and USB port, making it accessible anywhere!


A side magnet allows for easy mounting and storage. It remains emergency ready with a headlight reaching up to 200 meters, and side lights for multiple lighting modes! The attached glass-shattering hammer and seat belt cutter also make it vehicle emergency ready. The E.LUMEN is the perfect addition to any emergency kit, car, or backpack. Call 1-800-330-8678 to speak with someone

Renogy’s Gift Grab: Part 3

This week we’re talking about big ticket items for those special people in your life! If you’re looking for a high-quality gift for the renewable energy lover in your life, consider one of our premium kits.1777_std_1466467585.jpg

Our premium kits include our highest quality products to start a solar power system or even add on to an existing one. Our Eclipse panels not only offer our highest efficiency, but come in a sleek and attractive package. The included Commander charge controller increase your system’s efficiency and allow you more control over it. Everything else you’ll need to get connected is included in our kits, just add a battery!

A premium kit can be applied to many solar situations, including tiny homes, small cabins, and RVs, which makes them perfect gift for anybody! Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful, if you need help picking out your next holiday gift feel free to give our sales team a call at 1-800-330-8678.

Tech Q&A: Mounting Renogy Panels

By Stephen Clifton

Solar panels are used in many different applications and making sure that the panels are mounted properly is necessary for your system and for your safety. There are a couple of different options for mounting Renogy Solar Panels that vary depending on the size of your panels and the installation application. We offer four different types of mounting options: Tilt Mount, Roof Mount Rail, Pole Mount, and Z Brackets.

  • The Renogy Tilt Mount will support various mounting applications but will most commonly be off-grid. It is suitable for most Renogy panels and can be mounted on any flat surface. This mount is designed to allow some adjustment of the panel’s angle for optimum performance. The angle adjustability is dependent on the panels themselves where bigger panel sizes decreasing angle adjustability.
  • The Renogy Rail Mount System is designed to support both off-grid and grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems and is compatible with all Renogy panel size. The system contains multiple components which will vary depending on an installation’s needs. A typical system will be comprised of the rail units themselves coupled with Splice Kits, L-Feet, End Clamps, and Mid Clamps as well as required fasteners to secure all components together. This product makes the installation of long, continuous rows of panels easy. This system is designed for use on flat, rigid surfaces to ensure system stability.
  • The Renogy Pole Mount System is designed for off-grid applications when mounting to a roof is not ideal. It will support panels up to 100W. The mounting system comes complete with all fasteners to secure to the installation surface. This system makes the installation of small solar systems easy, affordable, and quick. This mounting system does not include the Pole.
  • The Renogy Z-Bracket Mount System is designed to support the installation of single panel units, generally in off-grid installations. These units are ideal for installation on RV roofs and noninhibited dwellings such as sheds or garages. It is also suited for attachment to a user made structure such as a wooden frame. The system comes complete with all fasteners to secure the system to the installation surface.

We always recommend to read all instructions and cautions in your installation manual before beginning and to have any installation method completed by a professional contractor to avoid damages that may occur due to improper sealing. Please give our Tech support team a call at 1-800-330-8678 for any other questions and assistance.

Tool time!

Renogy’s Multi-Purpose Toolbox is perfect for assisting you in the installation and maintenance of your panels. Read more about the included products below!


Crimper and Wire Stripper

  • The crimper and wire stripper are essential tools when repairing your MC4 connectors or creating new MC4 wires. These tools can be used to strip the wire and then crimp the MC4 head to the top.

Digital Multimeter

  • Multimeters are a great tool when trying to test your panel or trouble shoot. You use it for several different tests, including the open circuit voltage test and the short circuit current test. Information on how to test both of these is included on a previous blog post linked below!

MC4 Connecters

  • Extra MC4 connectors are included in our toolbox in case your attached connectors are ever damaged. These are also great for those tricky wiring situations when you may need to create your own!

MC4 Tool

  • Our Renogy MC4 tool is helpful when trying to disconnect your MC4 heads. Since our MC4 connectors are made to last, this tool will help you disconnect those airtight seals.

Also included in our toolbox are Flat Head and Philips screw drivers to help you with any other mounting and installation needs. Renogy wants your installation to be a smooth and easy as possible, call one of our tech representatives today at 1-800-330-8678 if you need more information.

Renogy Shipping Questions Answered

The great news is that here at Renogy, most products ship within the continental US free of charge. However, a few of the larger items offered for sale, including the solar panels equal to or greater than 200W can only be shipped by “LTL” transportation, or “less than truckload” transportation. These larger solar panels require additional shipping charges to be shipped anywhere, including the continental US. The Cabin Solar Kits and On-Grid Kits, though they contain solar panels greater than 200W, already have the shipping costs built into the purchase price, so they will ship for free within the continental US. All off-grid kits, camping products, and other components, including mounting equipment, should ship without charge within the continental US.


If you live outside of the continental US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or any of the other US territories, a shipping charge will likely be imposed on any order. Likewise, if you are an international customer, additional shipping charges will be imposed on all orders. If you are outside of the continental US or an international customer, contact the Renogy sales team for a shipping quote.

​This Week in Solar News…

There have been several big changes in the solar power industry over the past week. Let Renogy keep you updated with our Top 3 news stories this week!

  1. In a politically charged season there are several hot topics up for debate. One of the most relevant being whether or not a Clean Energy Economy can create or lose jobs. Renewable Energy World highlights some arguments for both sides of the argument.

The solar energy industry has already grown 12 times faster than other job industries. Transitions from fossil fuels to clean energy actually creates jobs instead of losing them. Some areas of work can include manufacturing, installation, engineering, and many more.

On the other hand, it can be very risky for companies to invest in a new technology. Critics of government involvement in clean energy spending argue that fracking has created many jobs in the oil and gas industries and clean energy regulations can stifle the fossil fuel economy that was so recently created.

2. A $2 Million federal grant will help Minnesota move toward its goal of generating 10% of its electricity from solar by the year 2030. Xcel Energy opened the largest solar facility in the Midwest this week in Minnesota and this can only serve to increase its solar activity. This Department of Energy grant was very exclusive and only one state received it. We are excited to see Minnesota reach their goal!

3. Utilities companies are still at war with the solar energy world. There has been a recent increase in attacks on a law called the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) which requires utilities to purchase renewable energy generation when they are equal to, or cheaper than, the cost of building a new power plant.

Many utility companies in states such as Montana and North Carolina are actively attempting to suspend this law for “emergency” cases. These attempts have been unsuccessful thus far, however, in Montana specifically, these attempts have put at least 135 MW of solar projects in limbo as more voting on the suspension occurs. These votes have halted both jobs and tax revenue. Activists are currently attempting to petition to reinstate these projects.

Your New Solar Sidekick: the E.FLEX5!

Built for the adventurer in all of us, the new E.FLEX5 can take you farther than you ever thought possible. This 5-watt portable panel is both water-resistant and has a durable exterior, making it the perfect companion for any hiker, camper, or someone looking for power on-the-go! Its auto-optimization charging recovers power that is usually lost due to shade. You can lounge in the shade and put your E.FLEX5 in the sun without worrying about power loss due to the moving sun.

The included suction cups and carabiners allow its user to mount the panel in various locations and angles, allowing for optimal positioning at any time! Take advantage of our most portable panel yet so that you can worry less about a dead battery and spend more time adventuring uninterrupted!

Don’t let your electronics stop you from doing what you love, call our sales team or click the link below to order yours today:

Permanent Never Felt So Portable

RV camping has quickly become popular for families, adventurists, and outdoorsmen alike. Many people enjoy camping in areas with little or no access to the grid, often called “Boondocking,” but run into the issue of needing small electronics without access to electricity. If this sounds like you then the Renogy Portable RV Kit is a great option!

Our newest addition to the line of kits that we offer allows one to permanently mount their included 30A Adventurer Charge Controller (now 12 OR 24V!) to the inside of their RV, protecting it from weather damage. With the 100W solar suitcase and extension cables you can park in the shade while your panel is in the sun. It gives you optimizable power outdoors with the ability to move your panel with the sun!

The Portable RV Kit allows you to harness the sun’s energy without missing even a second of peak solar time. Check out the link below to purchase today!

Rv Tradeshow F.jpg