Photographer Makes History With “Under the Arctic Sky”

Iceland seems like an unlikely place to go for a surf trip. But that’s exactly what six surfers set out to change in a recent documentary, “Under the Arctic Sky.” Photographer Chris Burkard, who directed the film, and his surfing crew went to the cold coast of north Iceland before the worst storm that the country had seen in a quarter of a century hit. These surfers made history by riding waves that had never been ridden before, and by being the first to surf a wave under the Northern Lights.

The trailer boasts beautiful sweeping shots of white barren landscapes, and packs a lot of adventure. Burkard’s film recently became available to watch on Netflix, and it can also be purchased on iTunes. Check out this wondrous trailer below:


5 Inspirational VanLife Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Want to Hit the Road

You’ve seen the photos that give you so much wanderlust: a VW Westfalia parked in front of a beautiful mountain range while its driver soaks up the wilderness in lieu of sitting behind a desk. In the last year or so, vanlife went from a minimalistic pursuit to a full-blown lifestyle brand. The #vanlife movement has exploded on social media, where people document their journeys and tell stories highlighting a simpler life on the road.

Though it can cause some serious travel envy, here are five vanlife Instagram accounts to follow that might inspire your next big trip.

1. @idletheorybus

For over four years, Rachel and James have been living on the road and out of their beloved van, Sunshine. They’ve worked from the road as farm hands—from milking goats to picking fruit. Often, Rachel and James’s photos are accompanied with heartfelt long-form captions. Now they have a book featuring artful photos of their adventures, Orange is Optimism.

2. @alisontravels

Meet Max, the scruffy rescue dog and Campy the van—oh, and their owner, Alison. Alison has been on the road since 2008, taking photographs and documenting her outdoor excursions. Her pictures have been published in National Geographic and the Travel Channel. She’s also had her pieces featured in galleries and museums.

3. @carabinercoffee

This coffee shop is operated out of a 1971 VW van and served up to determined climbers right at the crag. Erik Gordon sustains his business on the road; selling cups of coffee most mornings, and then enjoying the outdoors himself. On his Instagram, you can find pictures of all the places he drives his van, Ol’ Blue.

4. @theuniblog

There’s #vanlife, and then there’s #unimog life. David Roth doesn’t travel around in a nostalgic VW van, but in a 1964 Mercedes-Benz Unimog—originally designed to be an ambulance. Roth is a film director who takes his Unimog on tons of adventures, given that it’s great for off road journeys. Roth’s Unimog is probably one of the better Craigslist finds, as that’s where he discovered it.

5. @briannamadia

Desert, dogs, and a great big orange van—that’s what Keith and Brianna Madia call home. They explore Utah’s landscapes with their two dogs in tow and live on the road. On Instagram, Brianna often gives the skinny on perfectly crafted photos, and the effect social media has on many wild places.